“5 Reasons Why You Must Start Taking Baths” with Caitlin Thornton – 4/1/15

Your muscles are already less tense in a hot bath, and you’re getting all that aromatherapy from the scented epsom salt. So it’s prime time to GET DOWN… I discovered the Bubble Love. It’s a hand-held personal massager that sucks up water, and jets out a bunch of bubbles to “relax and rejuvenate your body”…read more.
“Newest Sex Toy Designs” with Ethan Imboden – 3/23/15

Many people begin exploring their sexuality by masturbating in the tub or the shower. This product, called Bubble Love, takes that to a new level. The experience is where it really wins…watch video review here.
“My First Sex Toy” with Dr. Kat – 12/28/14

Really interesting isn’t? The bottom part is to be sucked to your bathtub submerge it in water and it even has a deep water flute and point the jet which creates bubbles right where you want them… watch video review here.
Dizzy Girl – 1/25/15
“If you spend a lot of time taking long hot baths then you might really enjoy the Bubble Love.”

Bubble Love is certainly a fresh approach to self pleasuring. Granted, bubble jets are nothing new but having the power of one in your hand, allowing you to direct the stream exactly where you want, is something that I haven’t seen before. It has the power of a jacuzzi jet right in your hand so you can aim it at just the right spot….read more
Domina Doll – 2/10/15
“It felt quite good and it is a more sensual feeling due to the water.”

So. The Bubble Love. What is it? Go to their website at and you will see rather obscure images of what could be a strange appliance from the 1950s such as A) a new wave Mixmaster, B) a cordlesssteam iron, C) or a handheld floor polisher…read more
Rachel Kramer Bussel – 2014 Gift Guide: For the Lovers- 11/20/14

If she’s a bathing beauty, you’ll want to truly pamper her with this special underwater plaything. Bubble Love is a lightweight, easy-to-use submersible jet that sends bubbles exactly where she wants them….read more
Slutty Girl Problems – Sex Toy Reviews – 10/22/14

“I would absolutely recommend this toy to anyone who’s down to try a novel experience that tickles, tempts, and pleases you in a way that is totally out of the ordinary!”

Many girls grow up having their first sexual experiences with make-shift”sex toys”. Whether it’s a vibrating mascara wand or the handle of a hair brush… so many people experiment with household objects before they even know that vibrators and dildos exist. One of the many things you might have experimented with (and possibly still use today) is the hand-held portion of your shower, or a bubble jet in the bath…read more
Ask Miyoko – 10/23/14

“This toy definitely has what it takes to get the job done!”

Water is undeniably sexy…. there’s something about the feeling of water lapping against your naked body, or dripping down your exposed flesh… even though the reality of sex on a warm sandy beach isn’t as pleasurable as it sounds, we’re still drawn to the fantasy of it. It’s about time that someone created a truly waterproof product that will allow women to fulfill these liquid fantasies…read more

“We (Pretty Much) Love Bubble Love!”

A few months ago I saw some buzz about a new product called Bubble Love.. basically a jet that you can use in any bathtub for um…personal fulfillment. From the marketing I got though, I was still confused about how it worked and IF it would work. I asked my friends in the industry if they tried it …read more

“My Favorite new toy of the year! (So far.)”

Bubble Love is a simple water jet that suction cups to the bottom of your tub and delivers water play in the form of a bubble jet.
The jet has a high/low dial, but what I found even more effective is how close or far you place the machine to your body. Closer means stronger sensations, push it back for more….read more

XBIZ Editor’s Choice-July 2014

This is one of the most innovative sex toys I have seen this year, and I have to say, “Bath time will never be the same.” The Bubble Love is a personal pleasure jet unit that delivers tiny pulsating bubbles at a fast rate to stimulate your erogenous zones. It also relaxes you to….read more

Bubble Love Scores Hot New Product Nom for StorErotica Awards

The newly released Bubble Love personal pleasure jet has garnered its first nomination in the adult toy industry for the Hot New Product award at the StorErotica Awards to be held during ANME in July in Burbank, Calif.
“I am thrilled that Bubble Love has already received a nomination before it’s on sale to the public in June. It goes to show you how truly innovative it is and how it will take the adult toy industry by storm!” said Kim Airs, Director of Sales and Business Development. “Never before has there been a women’s product that does what Bubble Love does… read more