Bath time
will never be the same
It’s your personal
all over body massager

What is Bubble Love?

Bubble Love is a personal massager that delivers millions of tiny pulsating bubbles all over your body to relax and rejuvenate. Bubble Love turns an ordinary bathtub into a spa experience.


How Bubble Love Works

Bubble Love is the first submersible, hand held bubble jet that’s ergonomically designed to allow anyone to control the intensity of their underwater massage. Bubble Love is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, too!

Bubble Love can work in water depths from 6 to 28 inches using the deep-water float that’s included.


It’s Bubble Love Time

It’s always Bubble Love Time for women who love water and are seeking adventure in the bath. It’s new. It’s sexy. And it is definitely fun.

The Bubble Love is easy to use and is perfect for everyone. Relax in a tub like never before! Allow the strong yet gentle bubble jet to soothe tired muscles all over your body.

There’s nothing like Bubble Love.

bubsanddilly2Bubble Love is a submersed, portable hydro jet shooting out a water and air delivery for strong, yet gentle, non-mechanical massage. A hose-driven, handheld, water-only spray simply can’t compete with Bubble Love’s water and air combination.

Mechanical vibrations generated by traditional massagers provide direct skin contact and may be too strong for many users. And some water jets can be irritating or too harsh for others. Bubble Love uses the relaxing powers of water to create its strong yet gentle touch. Bubble Love can safely be used all over the body.

To vary Bubble Love’s massaging capabilities, simply squeeze the silicone air tube to create a pulsing sensation or immerse the floating ball under water to shoot out a different kind of soothing massage like nothing else you’ve felt before!

The air-infused bubble jet of Bubble Love is fully adjustable using a handle-mounted air control dial. Simply turn the dial to increase the jet’s force for maximum massage. A suction cup is included for smooth tub surface mounting, allowing you hands free use. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides one hour of relaxing massage and Bubble Love comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

bubblequotesOnce they try Bubble Love, they love it.

I used the suction cup to attach Bubble Love to bottom of the tub. Aim and then let the bubbles do the work for you! It is really less complicated than I imagined and wow, my body really liked it. -Searah

What I found even more effective is how close or far you place the machine to your body. Closer means stronger sensations, push it back for more subtle sensations. (And if you just want bubbles and the motion of a spa bath, point it away from you.) -Ducky

The flow of bubbles can be adjusted from a delicate tease to a blast of pressure. The Bubble Love is fully rechargeable, so feel free to use and abuse it. As long as you keep it juiced, it will be a faithful companion to your bath time adventures! -Miyoko

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retailbubbles1Bubble Love is now available right here on our website!

Bubble Love provides a fun and easy adventure in the bathtub for anyone who cherishes “Me” time in the tub. Use Bubble Love to relax and rejuvenate yourself or with a partner for an extra enjoyable time.

Bubble Love’s hydro-jet water/air delivery offers a massager unlike anything currently on the market today. Bubble Love is a natural choice for use during a relaxing bath to relieve tension, enjoy an all over body massage, and rejuvenate!

Bubble Love, the personal underwater massager, is available at both traditional retail outlets or can be ordered online.


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